58-year-old Bobbi Shay returns to show all her sexy body posing and cum

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Curvy, shapely, sexy Bobbi Shay, a French-Canadian divorcee from Quebec who's 58 years old, is back to talk dirty to you, show off her beautiful body and rub one out. While she does so, she spreads her legs very wide, and she's wearing heels, too, because she knows so many of us like that. 50Plus MILFs: Have you seen the scenes you shot last time for us? Bobbi: Yes, and I love them! 50Plus MILFs: Did you watch them alone or with somebody? Bobbi: Sadly, I watched them on my own as I'm still single. 50Plus MILFs: What did you think about them? Bobbi: It was hot! I never thought I'd get off on my own stuff, but there's always a first time! I've definitely masturbated while watching my scenes, remembering how much fun I had while making them. 50Plus MILFs: Has shooting your first scenes for us changed you at all? Bobbi: I got a lot of great feedback, it boosted my confidence and made me even more excited about my career in porn than I had been. Thanks, guys. I love you!