18-year-old Wannabe Model

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"I'm still enrolled in school because I know that even if my career takes off, I'm still going to need an education. Plus, I'm meeting all kinds of really cool people. Just the other day I started flirting with a guy who rides a really badass motorcycle. We were getting along really well and I lied and told him I needed a ride home. It was just an excuse to get on the back of his bike! He was going...like...100 miles per hour on the freeway and I was so scared, but I was really excited at the same time. My pussy was dripping-wet by the time we pulled up in front of my house. I invited him in and fucked his brains out. It was fun, but he didn't have the biggest dick and it was kind of a bummer. Sex is so much more intense with a giant cock. "I fucking love being a slut," Sarai told us after she was finished with our porn stud. "But I've only ever let that side of myself show with guys who I've been in relationships with. I mean, I'll have hot sex with a guy, but I don't feel comfortable talking dirty or letting him finger my ass or cum on my face unless we've been going out for a long time. That's why it was really weird fucking in front of the camera guy. After a minute or two I realized that it kind of turned me on, though. I started opening my thighs a little wider and my pussy started to get a little more wet. When I felt the stud's balls start to tighten I told him to plaster my face."