Agnes Poulin Busty Educator of seeing the new Year

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"Valory Irene is my inspiration," said Agnes Poulin. Valory has a good eye for talented girls. Miss Poulin is here to teach us a lesson in what big-boobed instructors should wear in the classroom (similar to what busty students wear) and how they should take off their tight tops and short skirts. Seductive and sexy is how our sweet Agnes does it, with hands squeezing her huge natural tits and fingers tweaking her nipples. With a big smile, Agnes shakes 'em in your face and feels their weight and her soft breast-flesh. Teachers in this school wear plaid miniskirts and no panties. When Agnes is satisfied with her breast play, she lubes and fingers her pussy. She wants to be filled deeper with something thicker and longer than her fingers. That calls for one of the toys that Agnes carries around in her bag of classroom supplies. Agnes' pink pussy and thighs become wet and gooey from her plug-n-play. She cums well. When she extracts the toy from her taco, the juice leaks out of her creamy slit and drips down between her ass cheeks. Agnes doesn't like to talk about masturbation but she's fine with a detailed demonstration of how she likes to do it. Class is now dismissed!